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"Tonghua Express Gate" Jilin Jinchen Qinghua Garden Accumulated Gate has been installed





Since its establishment, Longshengmen has been serving the vast number of users with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, which has been praised and supported by many users.


This time, we cooperate with Chenchen Real Estate Company. The project is located 300 meters south of Meihekou Korean Middle School, Tonghua City, Jilin Province.


Jinchen Group Co., Ltd. was born on the shore of the Yangtze River and rose in the plain of central Jiangsu Province. Since its establishment in 1979, Jinchen Group Co., Ltd. has been developing vigorously and continuously.


The registered capital of the company is 306 million yuan. It is a company with super qualification of general contracting of construction projects, first-class design qualification of construction industry, first-class qualification of general contracting of municipal public works, first-class qualification of professional contracting of architectural decoration and decoration, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, second-class qualification of general contracting of highway projects, steel structure and bridge workers. Large private enterprise groups that are qualified for operation of Cheng, fire fighting facilities, environmental protection engineering, lifting equipment installation, foundation engineering professional contracting, railway construction general contracting and foreign contracting projects.


The project is invested and developed by the group company. The project is located on the west side of the intersection of Songjiang Road and Wanlong Street in Meihekou City, Jilin Province, with a total construction area of 284,000_and is constructed in three phases. The first phase of the project consists of five residential buildings, five commercial buildings and basements. Since the opening of the project on July 16, 2016, 447 apartment sources have been launched. 371 apartments have been sold, with a sales rate of 83%. It is far ahead in the sales of similar buildings in the region.


"Tonghua Express Gate" Jilin Jinchen Qinghua Garden Accumulated Gate has been installed


This time, we cooperated with Jinchen Real Estate Company in the rapid accumulation gate project configuration as follows:


Motor: Integral high copper core steel shaft. Direct transmission. No conveyor belt, no drive chain, no wire rope. Maintenance cost is low and easy to install and maintain. Energy saving, low noise.


Control box: stacking door drive output system, with soft start and slow stop function, to ensure the smooth operation of the stacking door

保护系统:车辆或行人在门下面的时候切割红外线 ,使门不能下落防止砸坏车辆和行人 。

Protective system: When a vehicle or pedestrian is under the door, it cuts the infrared ray, so that the door can't fall and prevent damage to vehicles and pedestrians.


Limit control: encoder limit, accurate positioning is not easy to shift

帘布:0.85mm厚,抗撕裂强度500    N/m,承受 压力150N/m2。导热系数K=5Watt/m2/0C,噪音衰减量19 db。抗风压:20米/秒(八级风)

Curtain: 0.85 m m thick, tear strength 500 N/m, pressure 150 N/m2. The thermal conductivity K is 5 Watt/m2/0C and the noise attenuation is 19 db. Wind Pressure: 20 m/s (Category 8)


Wind-resistant rod: Aluminum alloy wind-resistant bar, 40mm, 2.0mm thick, can withstand grade 8 wind, wind-resistant grade up to the national standard.


Door track: 1.5mm cold-rolled steel frame, surface electrostatic spraying. Beautiful style, easy to change, easy to repair and maintain. Its strength and seismic performance are superior.


Sealing: Brush seal on the side. The bottom seal is made of wear resistant fibre cloth.


Advantages: The brush seal is compact and anti-aging. Temperature range - 350C~+600C.

开启频率/升降速度:门体开启速度:0.4 m--1.0m/s(根据门的大小开启速度不同)

Opening Frequency/Lifting Speed: Opening Speed of Door Body: 0.4 m-1.0 m/s (Different Opening Speed According to Door Size)



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